The textile tradition in Peru is perhaps the richest and most antique of our pre-Hispanic past, not only for its exquisite workmanship and the beauty of its form, but also for its documented wealth. In a society lacking a defined written history and profoundly ritualized, the fabrics were one of the most complete communicational instruments. Throughout thousand of years, Andean cultures have been developing extraordinary raw materials perfecting the techniques to create fine textiles, which are proudly brought to you by Alpaca Fashion. 

The majority of our products is made from the finest Alpaca hair. For over 50 years our family has dedicated generations to growing and developing some of the finest alpaca in the high Andes of Peru. Through these generations we have developed a passion for handmade knitted crafts and have done our best to pass on this passion to dedicated talented artisans by promoting their work and providing jobs for many indigenous people. Every garment is different like a piece of art for an artist. For us working with local artisans is not a job it is an important part fo our life.


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